June 2013



MD Receiving AFEEC award
Mr. Melvin Tan, Managing Director, receiving the award for Cyclect



Cyclect is proud to receive the AFEEC award for Best Electrical Contractor for Industrial and Infrastructure categories.

Mr. Lim Poh Beng, General Manager of Special Projects, says, “This marks the first time AFEEC is giving out the Best Electrical Contractor Award 2013 for four categories. They are Residence, Industrial, Commercial and Infrastructure. We are glad and honoured that we were awarded Best Electrical Contractor for not one, but two categories.”

The Asean Federation of Electrical Engineering Contractors (AFEEC) was formed on 5th August 1979 at the Batulao Village Club, Batangas, Philippines with the firm belief and conviction that Asean solidarity, strength and corporation in the world economic struggle for survival, progress and development is indispensably necessary. AFEEC was formed by five Asean electrical industry associations from Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand which represent a cross-section of the various entities in their respective countries in the Asean region engaged in electrical engineering and contracting.