Cyclect Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd, in partnership with Singapore Business Federation (SBF), organized its 3rd seminar on the topic of “Innovation in Energy Efficiency” at Singapore Business Federeation HQ on 28th August 2015.

Speakers from leading equipment makers shared their practical knowledge and experiences on their innovative energy saving products and systems. They include ShuangLiang Eco-Energy Systems, the world’s leading Absorption Chiller manufacturer; iDice representing Vacon, a leading provider of variable speed drives (VSDs); Sunten Electric Equipment, a leading transformer manufacturer; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan’s leading engine maker; and Huawei Technologies, the leader in communication and data centers.

Each manufacturer provides a main component for a system generating electrical power. Add-ons help to reduce and manage fuel consumption while generating useful energy. In this seminar, the topics covered these key components forming the innovative power production and management system. At its heart is the engine. It drives a generator to produce electrical currents, and transformers are used to step down the power produced for useful connections. Waste heat generated is recovered via absorption chillers and heat pumps are used to produce hot or cold effects or both. VSDs drive the pumps to move the fluids; and all operations are controlled and monitored via sensors producing massive data which are stored in data centres.

In future, Cyclect’s energy seminar will be renamed as Cyclect’s “Energy Community Reception”, to provide a regular networking platform for energy related practitioners, professionals and enthusiasts to meet and exchange ideas, perspectives on energy savings without joining an association.


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