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Cyclect is a multi-disciplinary engineering, construction and technical solutions firm focused in Asia. Blending insight with technological innovation, we help clients elevate their efficiency, sustainability and impact.
Established in 1943, Cyclect is a multi-award winning engineering service, operations and maintenance solutions provider. Headquartered in Singapore and serving Asia, we have delivered thousands of projects and solutions over the decades, with millions of work hours.
Our multi-capability, solution-based approach delivers mission-critical and challenging projects safely on-time and on budget.

Mission and Vision .

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To deliver innovative engineering solutions to the industry


To become a vertically integrated group providing engineering solutions throughout Asia.

Our Culture and People .

We value our people.

At Cyclect, our people are our priority in all we do. That is why we want to bring out the best in each other. You’ll be a vital member of our diverse and dedicated team members located throughout the world. Your time at Cyclect will be valued.

Values .

Cyclect’s shared values are derived from the beliefs and convictions of our founder, Mr. Tan Ai Meng. He believed that work was only valuable when it had something higher to strive for. We continue to embody that idea – that our work is truly profitable when it shapes a better world.

Our values are the essential and enduring principles that drive our day-to-day business activities and define us as a company.


We treat each other with mutual trust and respect. We support each other by sharing our knowledge and resources.


We do what we say we will do and take responsibility for our actions. We maintain honesty and ethics in whatever we do.


No matter what challenges we may face, we are determined to deliver on our commitments.


We are committed to delivering excellence in the quality and value of our products, services and solutions.


We believe in delivering sustainable value based on the triple bottom line, profit, planet and people.


Both as a value and a goal, we adopt an Innovation-centric approach to help us discover new solutions.

At a Glance .

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Our Certifications .

We use our expertise as a driver for continual improvement. Our certified processes underpin the work the business undertakes to ensure our products and services meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. Our quality system covers all activities that impact the services we offer to our customers and is fully embedded into our overall business management systems. It ensures that we uphold the following principles:
CS Bizsafe Star Cert expires on 18th April 2022-pdf
International_Electrotechnical_Commission and IECEX

Company and Project Awards .

Cyclect has over the past years been rewarded with a number of prestigious awards.

Projects Awards:

Company Awards:

Our Leadership .

Leading Cyclect with Market and Technology Expertise

Darren Lim

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Darren Lim

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History .

From a humble mechanic’s workshop borne out of a desire for survival in Singapore’s darkest periods, Cyclect has grown over the years and now stands proud as team of 700+ strong in 6 countries, providing services that brings comfort to people’s lives everyday.

Our Approach .

Cyclect’s ESG policy refers to our commitment as an organization beyond our core business objectives, as a responsible and ethical participant in the global community.

We recognize that as a company, we have an impact on the world in which we live, and the people we interact with. Our actions impact our employees, our customers and suppliers, the communities in which we live and work, and the environment. ESG represents a Company’s commitment to operate in an environmentally, socially responsible manner, and with strong clear governance, while recognizing the interests of its stakeholders.
We reaffirm our support for all 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and identified eight goals where we can contribute more through our internal practices and the products and services we provide to our customers.

Climate change affects everyone, in every country, on every continent. It disrupts economies and affects lives, costs people, communities and countries today and even more tomorrow. Human activities that drive greenhouse gas emissions continue to impact climate change includes changing weather patterns, rising sea levels, and more extreme weather events. Human activities that drive greenhouse gas emissions must be responsibly and adequately managed to reduce the impact.

We recognize that dealing with climate change is becoming more urgent and important. Our responsibility to protect not only our customers, suppliers, and employees, but also the environment. Compliance with all applicable environmental legislation, ISO 14001, and any other guidelines and codes of conduct applicable to the sectors in which we work, as well as keeping up to date on any changes to those directives. To protect the environment and the communities where we work, we strictly regulate pollution and waste. Indeed, reducing our environmental impact is so important to us that we’ve committed to working toward zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050. We are committed to conserving energy, reducing emissions and waste, and ensuring that our operations run smoothly.

Our relationships and our reputation we foster with people and institutions in the communities where we do business builds resilience and long-term value. We are responsible corporate citizens to all countries’ cultures and customs. We place a premium on fair pay, workforce development, workplace safety, employee well-being and create a one people culture without any discrimination to gender, ethnicity, age, or nationality. Furthermore, wherever we work, we strictly adhere to all applicable labour laws and regulations, and we have zero tolerance for illegal labour practices such as child labour, forced labour, slavery, or human trafficking. We anticipate our customers’ needs, deliver high-quality goods and services, source responsibly, and give back to the communities where we work. We care about our employees and those who are impacted by our projects. A safe and healthy working environment for our employees in our workplaces, on-site, and during business travel is essential.

Corporate governance determines the ways to reach our long-term strategic goals. Our is the internal system of practices, controls, and procedures we adopt in order to govern itself, make effective decisions, comply with the law, and meet the needs of external stakeholders. While meeting applicable legal, regulatory, and other requirements, Cyclect strives to provide a set of strong business principles and values, an operating system and process, an internal control framework, and a variety of technical accreditation.

We believe that good corporate governance is the responsibility of everyone, not just the board of directors.

Benefits .

For Cyclect employees, your paycheck is just a portion of the overall investment we’ve made in you. Here are some of the benefits we offer to our employees.

Health & Security

The first step toward becoming a happier employee is to take care of one's health. With our various comprehensive insurance policies, we can protect your health and well-being as a whole. With our various insurance plans, we can assist you in getting through challenges you may face as life is unpredictable. We also understand that everyone has a life outside of work, and as such, we offer a variety of benefits to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Career Progress

We care about your future. You provide support and training opportunities to move your career forward with us. Various training programs and mentorship will be provided so everyone can achieve their full potential. Everyone talks about it, but for us it is significant: We are essential to our accomplishment. Each of our employees is strong in their individuality, but when working together they produce truly astounding results. We keep a close eye on our clients and value collaboration between our people. Our people are our most valuable asset because it is through their abilities that we produce and build solutions to tomorrow's challenges.


Our employees, staff, and customers are always doing more and exceeding expectations. We encourage a culture of recognition and show our appreciation through a variety of ways, including:

  • Long Service awards are given out yearly to employees who have demonstrated a great degree of loyalty, prolonged effort and determination.
  • Employee Performance Awards
  • NS certification is given to employees to show our support for both their contribution for service and IPPT achievements
We are grateful and fortunate to have a large group of loyal employees who have worked for the company for 20 years and more.

Careers .

Please check the job openings in the following Job Portals

Don't hesitate to contact us

  • PT. Batam Cyclect
  • Address: Type D1, Lot 616 Kawasan Bintang Industri 2, Jl. Brigjen Katamso, Tanjung Uncang, Batu Aji, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia
  • Contact no:+62 77 8391842
  • Email: batam@cyclect.com.sg

  • Traxess International
  • Address: Rm 1503, B4 Wanda Plaza Office Building, Huanshi Rd, Nansha District, Guangzhou 511458, PR China
  • Contact no:+
  • Email: @cyclect.com.sg

  • GREECE fWayServe(Sales Agent)
  • Address: Lot 5134, Simpang 108, Jalan Sungai Pandan, Kuala Belait KA 1931, Negara Brunei Darussalam
  • Contact no:+30 210 8947664
  • Email: info@fwayserve.com

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