Our vision: To lead as engineering and construction solutions providers in South East Asia, driven by innovation and sustainability. Our mission: To diligently accomplish projects that support communities and protect the planet.

We are Cyclect, a leading engineering services company with multiple awards for service excellence.  Thousands of companies have engaged us to serve Asia’s infrastructure, industrial, marine and offshore needs.   Based in Singapore, we are 75 years in business, operate in 10 countries and employ over 700 professionals. We achieve success by engaging talented people and adopting technology in our engineering solutions. We keep innovating.  That could mean helping you realize your business goals more effectively.  We enjoy lasting relationships with our clients because we emphasize delivering quality service with safety.


A resilient company born from the ashes of war.


Mr. Tan Ai Meng founded Cycle and Electric Company in 1943 while Singapore was under wartime occupation. Against all odds, this handyman workshop became a leading engineering services company in Singapore. Now, it is called Cyclect.

Cyclect faced and overcame many challenges in its 75 years, through many global crises. From its humble beginnings in 1943, Cyclect has and continues to transform and innovate to meet the needs of the future economy.

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The Cycle & Electric Company was founded by Mr Tan Ai Meng on 5 September 1943. Back then, we started with a team of 6 engineers, providing electrical repair services at a small corner shop at 17 Bencoolen Street. In 1952, we began to offer marine repair services.


From 1957 onwards, the Company began to secure several high profile ventures. Our first major contract was with the Royal Navy, to service their naval vessels. In 1965, the Company was appointed as service agent for ASEA (now known as ABB). Subsequently, we signed a joint venture agreement with a Japanese engineering company to improve and expand our marine services and capabilities.


As sales grew, we moved to a larger premise at Kung Chong Road. The Company was renamed as “Cyclect” to reflect its modernisation. At that time, we employed 30 staff and had a work area of 8000 sq ft.


Tremendous growth led Cyclect to purchase an open yard and the workshop at Liu Fang Road, bringing the total land area to 100,000 sq ft. Our staff strength was 100 members. In that same year, the Projects Department was established to handle land-based projects. Soon after, Cyclect was appointed as the sales representatives for Taiyo and JRCS in the South Asian region.


In 1980, Cyclect embarked on overseas expansion, starting with China via a joint venture with COSCO Group. The next twenty years saw Cyclect establishing offices in the region, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei and Japan. At the same time, we strengthened our position as a leading engineering service provider for the Marine, Manufacturing and Process industry segments. In 1999, Cyclect was awarded the ISO 9001 certification.


Strong growth required us to relocate ourselves again to our current 75,000 sq ft facility located in Tuas, which houses a large workshop and plant equipment, and three floors of office space. In addition, we expanded our staff strength to 250 employees, and started our Research and Development department.


Cyclect was awarded the TEC Innovator Award together with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) by the Prime Minister’s Office for our role in the research and development of SCDF’s innovative Mobile Ammonia Scrubber project.


Cyclect was awarded the TEC Innovator Award for a second time, for our role in the development of the Foreign Object Debris Intelligent Detection and Alarm System (FIDAS), installed on runway sweepers. This programme will help to reduce the operating cost of inspections and sweepers of Foreign Objects, and improving safety standards at airport runways.


We successfully clinched a 3-year contract for the Singtel Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix night race. The scope included electrical installation and roustabout works.


Universal Studios Singapore contracted us to install electrical and mechanical works for iconic rides, including “The Mummy Returns”, “Jurassic Park”, “Waterworld” and more. The same year, Cyclect won the Enterprise 50 award, Singapore’s prestigious business award. We also received ISO 18001 accreditation for workplace safety.


We modernized our brand and realigned our services for clients’ better understanding. We won an electrical contract with Marina Bay Sands and acquired Chemicrete, a Facilities Management Company. We also won our second E50 award.


We established our first Myanmar office and won the Green Technology Award at the Singapore Sustainability Awards.


We won a contract with Samsung and received two awards: Singapore Prestige Brands and Asean Federation of Electrical Engineering Contractors (AFEEC).


We won two awards at the ASEAN Business Awards (ABA): ASEAN Business Award and “Most Admired ASEAN Enterprise Award for Innovation”. The same year, we expanded our facilities management services to universities and the aviation industry, winning projects for both.


Cyclect joint ventured with PT BMJ (Indonesia) to supply and install custom power generator sets for the regional market. Chemicrete was appointed the managing agent for Singtel’s Comcentre and Telephone Exchanges facilities.


Cyclect opens ART, its Automation & Robotics division, to create innovative tech solutions for unique projects and Industry 4.0. It worked on projects with Cyberdyne (Japan) and Savioke (USA).


Cyclect joint ventured with SMRT to establish SCP, combining highly experienced technical teams to focus on large-scale infrastructure projects, including rail power installations. Cyclect also won its second AFEEC award.


Cyclect wins IPOS Award for IP Champions & WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy. Chemicrete wins IFM contract for Prime Minister’s Office ELD.


Chemicrete, Cyclect’s facilities management (FM) subsidiary, wins two FM contracts for AGC and MinLaw. It introduces computerized facilities management systems that brings digitalization to FM. This takes the company another step closer to realize the vision and opportunities for Industry 4.0.

Our Team

Dedicated, Trained, Diverse and Professional.

Cyclect’s multi-ethnic teams are highly trained and multi-skilled teams. We deliver projects that are timely, safe and tailored to your high workplace standards.

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Locally relevant with global perspectives

The Cyclect global network of 10 offices and 30 country service network supports hundreds of asset owners. Our offices are managed by experienced and qualified local professionals who are familiar with their local operating environments.

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