History Highlights

  • 1940s -1950s
  • 1960s -1970s
  • 1980s -1990s
  • 2000s
  • 2010 - 2013
  • 2014 - 2016
  • 2017 - 2019
  • 2020s

1940s -1950s

1943 -

Tan Ai Meng Establishes Cycle and Electric to provide basic technical services in Bencoolen Street.

1952 -

Starts ship equipment repair services

1957 -

First major project win: Royal Navy

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1960s -1970s

1960s -

Joint Venture with Japanese engineering firm Kiuchi Instrumentation to start our Instrumentation department

1960 -

Acquired new operating premises in Kung Chong Road. Cycle and Electric is renamed as Cyclect.

1965 -

Appointment by ASEA (now ABB) as first regional agent in Asia

1970s -

Appointment by ASEA (now ABB) as first regional agent in Asia
Started Projects Department
Started Mechanical Department
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1980s -1990s

1980s -

Generation 2 take leadership of Cyclect (1st pic)
Joint Venture with COSCO Shipping (2nd pic)
Started operations in Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, Japan and China

1999 -

Obtained ISO certification
Acquired new factory in Tuas (3rd pic)
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2000s -

Joint Venture with Mecflou

2000 -

Started R&D department and AECO

2004 & 2005 -

Awarded PMO TEC Innovator Award

2006 -

Generation 3 succession (2nd pic)
Started electronics plant electrical work department
Secured major projects in electronics manufacturing plants in Singapore and Malaysia
Secured Managing Agent contract from Singtel

2007 -

Started Theme Park ride and show installation department
Secured Cyclect’s first specialist installation contractor works for USS theme park (3rd pic)

2008 -

Secured MBS and F1 tenders


2010 - 2013

2010s -

Secured 10MW Biomass Power Project

2010 -

Cyclect underwent rebranding
Acquired Chemicrete and expanded our capabilities to include facilities management
Won E50 Awards
Achieved $100M in Revenue
Started Energy Recovery Solutions, Solar Cooling Solutions and Integrated Energy Solutions Department, enabling Cyclect to help its clients reduce waste heat and carbon emissions and acquire solar air-conditioning
Secured Pfizer’s heat to cooling projects, Cyclect’s first heat to cooling project for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer
Secured United World College’s Solar Cooling
Secured MSD 10MW Trigeneration Plant Project, Cyclect’s first heat to cooling project for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer

2011 -

Joint venture withe Pine Creations, allowing Cyclect to acquire a new capability in interior design and fit our works for hotels
secured USS's Transformer the Ride as turnkey vendor
Won SME1 Awards by PC and E50 Award(3rd pic)
Joint Venture with Protech Asia, Indonesia
Secured Cyclect's first project with Exxon mobil

2012 -

started Myanmar Office
Won SBF Sustainability Awards (4th pic)
Secured Singapore sports Hub projects

2012 -

Won Singapore Prestige Brand Awards in multiple categories, AFEECA Awards and ASEAN business award
Secured PUB lower Selector Waters Project
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2014 - 2016


Won top position in ASEAN Business Awards for Innovation
Started Cleaning Services Department
Started Bangladesh operations
Secured Facilities Management and Cleaning projects for IRAS, SATS, Resorts World Sentosa and National Library Board


Started solar PV installation services
Joint Venture with BMJ
Secured Tiger Beer 2MW Rooftop Solar Power Project
Started ART


Secured Dreamworks Theme Park project in Ipoh
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2017 - 2019

2017 -

Won IPOS award for IP Champions and the WIPO Intellectual Property Enterprise Trophy (1st and 2nd pic)
Secured installation and EPC projects at Mandai Bus & Rail Depot from LTA

2018 -

Started electrical services for underground tunnel electrical works
Starts a education facility management services division
Secured Managing Agent projects for AGC and Ministry of Law
Secured Underground Work projects for Pioneer Cable Tunnel (3rd pic)

2019 -

Cyclect starts its facility management services for education sector
Secures IFM project for 78 schools under Ministry of Education
Secured PSA Electrification Project
Wins ACES Award for Leading SME (4th pic)
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2020 -

Started Cleaning Maintenance Services for Biomedical industry
Secured Anglo-Chinese School IFM project
Secured SSMC rooftop 9MW Solar Power Plant Project

2021 -

Secured PSA for electrical work
Secured project with Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing
Secured project with LTA for Fire Protection System
Secured Integrated Waste Management Facility project
Secured project from ResMed for Electrical and Mechanical System hookup
Secured Amazon Data Centre Project for Electrical Works
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