Engineering services group offers integrated solutions to meet growing needs in Asia

Singapore (2 April 2011) — Local engineering services group Cyclect reached a significant milestone on 25 March with the launch of an enhanced business structure and brand experience, moving toward greater integration in delivering customised solutions for marine, infrastructure and clean energy.

Cyclect, an early player in Singapore’s marine industry, provides engineering, procurement and construction services in a wide spectrum of industries, from semiconductors and commercial projects to process plants and theme parks.

With support from International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, the lead agency that facilitates the overseas growth of Singapore-based companies, Cyclect embarked on an organisational branding exercise in 2010, working closely with Consulus, a strategic business design company, to clarify its brand and determine new areas of growth.

“The massive urbanisation in Asia is driving many opportunities for Singapore. This in turn fuels the demand for energy, and the oil and gas facilities in Asia. Cyclect is presently in the right sectors that are experiencing high growth potential,” Mr Tham Poh Cheong, Director of the Infrastructure and Environmental & Engineering Services Divisions, Corporate Group, at International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, said.

“Venturing overseas is considered a milestone for any local company, but in order to compete effectively in the overseas market, branding will be very important, and that is why IE Singapore has decided to support Cyclect in its brand journey,” Tham said.

Last Friday the group unveiled its new corporate identity, announced key strategic business changes, such as marketing its subsidiaries and joint ventures including Cyclect, Aeco Plant Engineering, Mecflou and Chemicrete Enterprises under a single focused entity, and shared its plans to develop its regional presence by acquiring new technologies.

“The business research opened new pages of understanding. We learned how to explain ourselves with greater clarity and precision, so that customers will be better informed of what we had to offer. With the new brand “Completely Possible”, we recognise that it is our staff who ensure a consistently fine experience. This becomes even more important as Cyclect continues to expand,” Mr Melvin Tan, Managing Director at Cyclect, said.

"Asia will continue to experience tremendous growth for the next few decades. It is timely that emerging conglomerates like Cyclect are taking the effort to renew their business model and deliver a unique brand experience. In doing so, Cyclect has sustained its business advantage to stay ahead of the competition from the rest of Asia,” Lawrence Chong, Director for Strategy Development at Consulus said.

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About Cyclect Group

The Cyclect Group provides engineering, procurement, construction and project management services for marine and land industries. With offices in eight countries and staff strength of more than 500, the Cyclect Group has become a trusted partner to many global companies since its founding in 1943.

The Group comprises of several subsidiaries and joint ventures such as Cyclect, Aeco, Mecflou and Chemicrete. Together the Group serves key industrial segments that include marine and offshore, oil and gas, high-technology manufacturing, utilities and infrastructure, process and pharmaceutical, commercial and special events.

Cyclect is certified with ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) certifications. Cyclect is also UL and IECEx certified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., and thus able to ensure that motors and generators that it services can withstand hazardous environmental conditions.

The Group received the prestigious Singapore Enterprise 50 Award both in 2009 and 2010.

In the coming months, Cyclect is going to roll out its service packages for Marine, Infrastructure and Energy solutions.


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Cyclect relaunches its brand

On 25th March 2011, Cyclect officially launched its new brand, slightly more than a year after we embarked on a rebranding exercise, supported by IE Singapore.

First and foremost, we would like to thank our customers, our suppliers, our partners, IE Singapore and last but not least, our staff, for making this journey truly possible.

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Vision of sustainability drives business growth

A fervent entrepreneurial spirit propels family-run business Cyclect in delivering a diverse portfolio of products and services for more than 60 years. The company’s next-generation management is exploring new growth areas such as clean energy and electric vehicles.

Cyclect is an engineering and technical services provider serving land and marine industries since 1943. It specialises in five major business lines: engineering and construction; technical services; energy; manufacturing and system integration; and product distribution.

The company’s customer-centred approach and dedication to innovation have attracted clients from many industries. Its commitment to cultivate long-term relationships has enabled Cyclect to win major contracts with clients such as ExxonMobil, Shell, the United States Navy, Pfizer, Marina Bay Sands, SingTel Formula One Singapore Grand Prix and Universal Studios Singapore.

“Our innovation is recognised in the industry. We were among the Enterprise 50 awardees in Singapore last year,” says Marcus Tan, director of Cyclect Electrical Engineering.

Cyclect also received the TEC Innovator Awards in 2004 and 2005. The company is streamlining its business groups to realise its mission to develop innovative and sustainable solutions. “There are a lot of opportunities in the clean energy or green technology segment. We are looking for viable solutions because we need to balance environmental protection versus making money,” says Melvin Tan, director of Cyclect Group of Companies.

The energy company is bolstering its capabilities in developing systems for electric vehicles.

Cyclect is also investing in products that can help achieve its goal of minimising the use of electricity through recovery of waste energy, such as heat.

Cyclect also sees growth opportunities in Asia in runway systems and marine segments, particularly on the mainland, India and Vietnam.

“We are looking for expansion opportunities in these segments and for long-term partnerships with energy consulting companies or distributors of energy-efficient products to help us be the company where people want to be a part of its future,” Melvin Tan says.

(Featured on South China Morning Post, Singapore Report Country Report, p. 10, 14 Oct 2010. Copyright 2010 South China Morning Post. All Rights Reserved.)

Family ties keep Cyclect together

The third generation of Cyclect continues to grow and evolve its business.

AMERICAN journalist and leading feminist Letty Cottin Pogrebin once said: 'If the family were a fruit, it would be an orange, a circle of sections, held together but separable - each segment distinct.'

In a similar fashion, the various departments of the Cyclect Group are very distinct from each other and clearly separate, with each managed by a different person, but held together by a common core competency.

And at its very heart, it is held together by a family.

From a small shophouse in Tras Street with a handful of employees that provided household electronics repairs, Cyclect has grown into a 75,000 sq ft main plant in Tuas with a staff of 400 and a business spanning three industries.

The story began in 1943, when Tan Ai Meng, the founder and the first generation of Cyclect, decided to brave the Japanese earmarking of electronic technicians as threats and started the company with two friends. It soon got involved in the marine industry.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the second generation of the Tan family began work in the company and it was awarded with major contracts from the British Royal Navy and ASEA, which is now part of ABB.

Now with the third generation running Cyclect in '3G' as its CEO Melvin Tan jokingly remarked, the company has diversified into the construction and clean energy sectors.

Each of the third generation manages a different aspect of Cyclect, with Melvin handling the overall business direction, his brother Marcus involved in the offshore oil and gas market, and their cousin Ee Wei in charge of a few overseas offices along with corporate branding and marketing.

Taking a page from Singapore's playbook, the second generation still plays a part in the company's leadership, with chairman Tan Sin Poh and co-chairman Tan Yuen Poh having taken the backseat and serving as the 'Minister Mentors' who look into the strategic direction of the company.

Cyclect 3G: From left, directors Peter Tan, Marcus Tan and Melvin Tan; and business development executive Tan Ee Wei, of Cyclect Electrical Engineering

So will the company suffer the 'curse of the third generation'? Will the business last beyond the third generation? Melvin jumped headfirst into the question, saying that they do not believe in the curse themselves.

'There is a lot of collaboration between our family as we were brought up in such a way that we have support for each other, with our elders advising us along the way.

'The company is run on a family basis but there is a professional aspect as well. Though each of us manages a different department and have different titles, we are all CEOs in our own right.

'We do not try to share the same job and stir the same soup. Each of us is in charge of a different stock that all make up a superb soup,' he added.

Indeed, the Tan family has brewed up a delicious broth together. Cyclect was recently recognised as one of the top 50 privately owned local companies at the E50 awards.

It offers its services all over the world, with offices in Brunei, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Philippines and Japan.

The company has evolved over the years, taking on more roles and industries to service as the opportunities came.

Initially making its name as a marine engineering company, the company soon branched out into the construction industry when customers began requesting for their service in that particular sector and Cyclect saw potential in its participation.

Marine and construction continued to be Cyclect's main businesses until the early 2000s, when an interesting additional business opportunity happened to fall at Cyclect's doorstep, which led to the company taking its next big step.

Its evolution into a more innovative and research-based organisation came as a pleasant surprise to many in the company.

According to Melvin, 38, at that point in time, Cyclect was working together with the National University of Singapore (NUS) to co-sponsor and develop the first absorption chiller to be built in the country.

Whilst performing installation work in the laboratory, they began talking to the professors at NUS, and with one thing leading to another, the company made the decision to form an R&D department.

In 2002, the Economic Development Board (EDB) approved Cyclect's application for an Research Incentive Scheme For Companies (RISC) grant.

'It then went on and on and on from there,' said Melvin, with projects vastly different from its original absorption chiller developed after.

It clinched its first TEC Innovator Award from the Prime Minister's Office in 2004 together with the Singapore Civil Defence Force for its development of the mobile ammonia scrubber project.

In the following year it claimed its second TEC award together with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) for its development of a sensor and alarm system for airport runways.

So where to for the future?

'We are looking to go into a few new industries, with new products, services and intellectual properties to be developed,' said Melvin.

He added that Cyclect is looking to get involved in the electric vehicle market as an infrastructure provider.

He emphasised that at the end of the day, the company will still stick to its core business of engineering even whilst branching out into other industries.

The company is also looking to raise its profile, with Ee Wei having been assigned the job of working towards such an objective.

'We want to brand the company such that when people talk about Cyclect they may talk about it as being equivalent to perhaps General Electric or Singapore Technologies, as a complete engineering solution provider,' said Ee Wei, 30.

(Written by Keith Chee, featured in The Business Times on 26 Jan 2010. Copyright 2010 Singapore Press Holdings Limited. All Rights Reserved.)