Project Objectives and Constraints

Supply electrical power, saturated process steam and chilled water to the existing plant utilities. The cost for increasing the electrical capacity import from the grid was not feasible and it would have significantly increased their carbon footprint.


Electrical Output


Process Steam


Cooling Capacity

Solution Overview

Cyclect provided a Tri-Generation Power Plant.

Powered by two natural gas turbines, the flue gas (exhaust) was directed to a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) that produced steam. Furthermore, the Excess steam was directed to an absorption chiller to produce chilled water.

This project consists of partial engineering design, equipment supply and all mechanical and electrical hook-up work as follows:

  • Equipment installation and erection including Gas Turbine System including Gas Turbine body, filter housing, platform and other accessories, diverter damper, furnace, evaporator, economizer, duct burner, gas train, bypass stack, main stack, transformer, tanks, pump skids, transition and interconnecting ducts etc
  • Supply and installation of HRSG
  • Supply and installation of Absorption Chiller
  • EPC of Mechanical Balance of Plan including Blowdown System, Air Receiver Tank, Piping and Pipe Rack Works (including Natural Gas Pipe, Steam Pipe, Compressed Air Pipe, Cooling Water Pipe, Boiler Feed Water Pipe, Chemical Dosing Pipe, Blowdown & Drain-off Pipe, Sampling Line, Instrument Air Tubing etc)
  • EPC of Electrical Balance of Plant works including transformer switchgear, cabling work.

Key Success Factors

  • Management: detailed and careful planning, coordination and task execution by an organized and experienced project management team to complete the project on time and safely. Regular meetings were conducted to ensure safe and acceptable execution methods, schedules, quality issue. Appropriate response and action were carried out for issues discussed. This ensured the project was always on the right track.
  • Methodology: reviewed all methods for approaching the work for the efficient and cost effective methodology. Work sequence was planned according to factors in all site constraints to achieve smooth site operation. Specialized machinery and equipment were deployed to help increase productivity of site operation.
  • Manpower: Competent, experienced and skillful manpower were engaged for this project. Each job was assigned to an appropriately skilled personnel, which minimized mistakes and ensured workmanship quality. This project was executed with longer working hours including weekends.



The successful implementation of Singapore’s largest Tri-Generation Power Plant enabled MSD to enjoy massive cost savings by converting waste steam and heat from its Gas Turbine exhaust into energy for chilled water supply, whilst reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption. The project was completed on schedule with zero lost time incident.

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