Ride & Show Installation Solutions

Rides and shows are the central attraction and value for theme parks. They create excitement, joy, thrills, and many wonderful memories for families. These rides and shows produce intense levels of mechanical stress on the structures and require a high level of engineering and technical expertise to assemble, integrate and maintain them.

At Cyclect, we understand our clients want to deploy their rides and shows safely and professionally, in full compliance with industry or federal and state laws. We provide innovative, turnkey project development solutions and manufacturing services to amusement ride manufacturers and amusement and entertainment firms for world-class theme park projects.

We can produce effective solutions and deliver projects on time, on budget, and to exact specifications, thanks to our expert assembly team, experienced welders, process engineers, and project managers.

We provide project management, field management and installation works that include structural, lighting, sound, ride and show control and testing other elements.


  • Project planning, management & scheduling
  • Field execution, coordination & oversight
  • Risk Analysis
  • Resource planning
  • Safety management
  • Documentation
  • Contract management
  • Contingency planning
  • Front-end engineering design
  • Detailed engineering and design
  • Procurement

  • Removal, preservation and/or upgrading of machinery & equipment
  • Theme park development and conceptualization¬†
  • Ride Inspection & Evaluation
  • Ride installation (tracks and columns, brake system)
  • Secondary Steel & Structural Works (for rigs, rock work, overhang equipment and props support steel works)
  • Show Elements Installation (props, animatronics, theming)
  • Custom Made Show Elements (rigs, moving elements, automated gates, drop ceiling, vortex tunnel )
  • Facilities Termination (gas train and gas piping, gas instrumentation, cda line, water line and all piping support)
  • Laying And Termination Of Control Cables
  • Laying and Termination of Power Cables
  • Lightings Installation
  • Sensors Installation
  • Audio And Video Installation
  • Equipment Hook-up¬†
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Inspection and Calibration

Project Management
Project Management