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Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Control Panel

  • Programming and modification of logic control
  • Able to communicate with plant’s computers
  • High reliability & minimal maintenance

Soft Starter Panel

  • Torque control system (TCS) for linear control during acceleration & deceleration
  • Active thermal overload protection
  • Full voltage bypass & input isolation contactor option

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Panel

  • Adjustable operating speed and torque limit
  • Disturbance and low power demand on start
  • Energy saving

Remote I/O Panel

  • Single junction monitoring and control
  • Error free process
  • Advanced control techniques

Thermocouple/Signal Converter Panel

  • Supports multiple sensors
  • Thermocouple break detection
  • Precise and accurate measurements

Power Distribution Board0

  • Status, alarm and power monitoring features available over communication networks
  • Monitor Voltage, Current, Frequency & Kilowatt hours per circuit
  • Monitor phase loss per panel board
  • Integrated static transfer switches available

Fire Pump Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

  • Make before break electrical operation
  • High interrupting ratings are standard
  • Lockout circuit wired into the UPS bypass authorization
  • Simple and durable switching design
  • Safe and reliable operation

Motor Control Centre (MCC)

  • Entire motor control centre is custom engineered for the specific application
  • Supplies full custom schematics and terminal block layouts
  • Reduces trouble-shooting
  • Fabricated under high quality standards
  • Strict testing for assured performance
  • Efficient and reliable

Directional Control Valves

One of the most fundamental parts of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. DCVs allow fluid flow (hydraulic oil, water or air) into different paths from one or more sources. Usually consists of a spool inside a cylinder which is mechanically or electrically actuated.