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Pressure transmitter

Measure the pressure of liquids, fluids or gases for industrial process control, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy or other applications.

Liquid analysis meter

For the measurement of pH in industrial processes and water treatment processes for  pH control.


Devices for industry or research application with its universal input, high sampling speed and accuracy.


Measures liquid velocity of conductive liquids in pipes, such as water, acids, caustic, and slurries. Can be used in water/wastewater treatment, chemical, food and beverage, power, pulp and paper, metals and mining, and pharmaceutical industries.

Radar level meter

Simple commissioning, trouble-free operation that saves time and money. Can be used for a wide variety of situations, from simple storage tanks, in corrosive or aggressive media or high accuracy tank gauging applications.

Thermocouple sensors

Simple, robust and cost-effective temperature sensors that can be used in a wide range of temperature measurement processes.