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Fractional Distillation Units

An explosion-proof fractionating column fitted with anti-splash devices and high-efficiency packing material installed in the upper part of the boiler in order to favour washing in the steam-liquid counterflow.
The plant can work 24 hours a day, with automatic loading of the liquid to treat, automatic unloading of the distillate and of the process residue

Industrial Solvent Recovery Systems

Industrial Solvent Recovery Systems Distillation units that have tilting self-cleaning boilers equipped with scrapers and adjustable metallic blades for the highest concentration/drying of the process residues. An automatic drying cycle allows the residues to be extracted as a powder.

Distatic Solvent Recovery Systems

Distillation units with tilting boiler or mono-use bags for solid and liquid residue unloading. Explosion proof with electrical protection and are able to operate in the maximum danger zone (zone 1).

Wastewater Evaporation Units

Completely automatic evaporators that accommodate a wide range of volumes with microprocessor control for continuous operation with minimum operator assistance. Can provide high concentration ratios with a high quality distillate, good levels of separation with the option to recycle. Waste volumes for disposable can be reduced significantly with up to 98% of wastewater for reuse. In turn, this reduces water consumption and waste disposal costs. The evaporators are supplied fully assembled and only need connection to services making them easy to install.