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Drum & IBC Filling Machines

Non-explosion proof or explosion proof in accordance with ATEX. Can fill directly on a floor scale or a roll conveyor system with movable filling nozzle for positioning, so that there is no need to handle heavy loads. Suitable for non-foaming (top fill) & foaming (bottom fill) products.

Gravimetric Filling Installation

Fitted with a height adjustable filling valve for different types of packaging. Has automatic rinse cycle and dismountable filling valve makes it easy to clean
Fills directly from a tote tank, storage container, dissolver etc. through a pump (pneumatic/electric) or gravity.
Upgradable to a fully automatic filling installation.

Semi-Automatic Volumetric Filling Machine

Sturdy construction and easy to operate with high accuracy and reproducibility. Fully pneumatic operated (explosion proof in accordance with ATEX)

Screen & Squeegee Combi Washing Machine

Wash screens & squeegees simultaneously!

  • Easy loading / unloading due to hinged door construction
  • Adjustable cleaning pressure for both screen & squeegee.
  • Cleans with spray nozzle system and water or white spirit.
  • Free adjustable cleaning cycles

Squeegee Washing Machine

Able to wash maximum 6 squeegee per washing with spray nozzle and flushing system and water or white spirit (for plastisol application). Has adjustable washing cycle and separate compressed air system.
Customisable upon request

Rotary Screen Washing Machine

Able to wash washing cabinets and screens at the same time, Cleans with a spray nozzle system with no moving parts in the contaminated area. Uses water or white spirit (for plastisol application) as cleaning solutions.
Customisable upon request.

Tub scraper with PVC Recycling

Undiluted separation of up to 6 different return pastes.
Customisable dimensions available upon request.

Vessel Washing Machine

Suitable for open top vessels or open top drums. Cleans insides with rotating brushes (centrifugal force) and spray nozzle system. Different brush qualities (e.g. Stainless steel, PE.) and shapes offered depending on the type of product and vessel configuration. Suitable for cleaning with different solvents or water. 3 Different sizes available