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Temperature Controllers

PID temperature control is a loop control feature found on most process controllers to improve the accuracy of the process. By using a formula to calculate the difference between the desired temperature setpoint and current process temperature, it predicts how much power to use in subsequent process cycles, eliminating the impact of process environment changes to ensure the process temperature remains as close to the setpoint as possible.

BA & Energy Monitoring Components

Compatible with BACnet as a de facto standard communication protocol for building automation. Has BTL certification under a certification test service conducted by the BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL).

PID Control Components

Used in industrial control applications to regulate temperature, flow, pressure, speed and other process variables. PID controllers use a control loop feedback mechanism to control process variables and are the most accurate and stable controller.

Lightning Surge Protector

Lightning surge protection devices are designed for the rugged industrial environment. Products range from the standard factory floor signals such as 4-20mA, thermocouple, RTD and strain gauge to filtering and protecting the AC Power in instrument panels.

Final Control Components

A mechanical device that physically changes a process in response to a change in the control system setpoint. Final control elements relevant to actuators include valves, dampers, fluid couplings, gates, and burner tilts.

Web Data Loggers

Web-based data logging systems enable remote, around-the-clock, internet-based access to data via cellular, WI-FI, or Ethernet communications. These systems can be configured with a variety of external plug-in sensors and transmit collected data to a secure web server for accessing the data

Paperless Recording System

A data logger or data acquisition device used to record measurement data over time. Many paperless recorder devices are integrated into industrial control systems for process monitoring applications.

Gateway Remote I/O

Network products that meet the end-user’s need for Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet, DeviceNet, CC-Link, LONWORKS, MECHATROLINK, T-Link, FL-net, HLS, and FLEX NETWORK I/O devices.  Working with open-architecture networks, these products communicate with HMI software packages and DCS/PLCs.

PC Recorder

A low cost industrial grade data acquisition system using free combinations of remote I/O hardware and monitoring/ recording software.