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Direct Acting Solenoid Valves

Valves directly actuated by the solenoid. Suited for use with neutral and aggressive gases and liquids.

Indirect Acting Solenoid Valves

Indirectly actuated valves use the pressure difference in the operating fluid to open and close the valve. This allows for lower power consumption and higher pressure in your system.

Angle Seat Pilot Valves

Angle seat pilot valves are robustly designed and are used in a wide variety of applications, including temperature stability applications, applications where resistance against aggressive mediums are required, or where fluids with high viscosity and contamination have to be controlled.

Pressure Operated Valves

This type of valve is actuated by an external pilot valve which controls the opening and closing of the valve. It’s suited for use with contaminated process fluid and vacuum applications.

Dust Filter Valves

These valves provide an intense pulse of air blasts into the soiled filter element causing dust and loose dirt from the filter to fall to the ground. Dust filter valves for air-blasting have been developed to allow efficient and inexpensive cleaning.

Motorised Valves

These valves are used wherever exact adjustment to the actual requirement is needed. These valves not only give an open or closed state, but can vary the flow rate of the valve. They use an electric motor to operate them and are ideal where an electric signal can be used from simple control through to complex regulation.

Flange Valves

Flange valves are so known as they come with flange connections enabling them to be mounted directly to a pipeline. They are widely used in oil & gas stations, nuclear power stations, waste incineration plants etc.