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Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Control Panel

  • Programming and modification of logic control
  • Able to communicate with plant’s computers
  • High reliability & minimal maintenance

Soft Starter Panel

  • Torque control system (TCS) for linear control during acceleration & deceleration
  • Active thermal overload protection
  • Full voltage bypass & input isolation contactor option

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Panel

  • Adjustable operating speed and torque limit
  • Disturbance and low power demand on start
  • Energy saving

Remote I/O Panel

  • Single junction monitoring and control
  • Error free process
  • Advanced control techniques

Power Distribution Board

  • Status, alarm and power monitoring features available over communication networks
  • Monitor Voltage, Current, Frequency & Kilowatt hours per circuit
  • Monitor phase loss per panel board
  • Integrated static transfer switches available

Thermocouple/Signal Converter Panel

  • Supports multiple sensors
  • Thermocouple break detection
  • Precise and accurate measurements

Fire Pump Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

  • Make before break electrical operation
  • High interrupting ratings are standard
  • Lockout circuit wired into the UPS bypass authorization
  • Simple and durable switching design
  • Safe and reliable operation

Motor Control Centre (MCC)

  • Entire motor control centre is custom engineered for the specific application
  • Supplies full custom schematics and terminal block layouts
  • Reduces trouble-shooting
  • Fabricated under high quality standards
  • Strict testing for assured performance
  • Efficient and reliable