Integrated Energy Solutions

Climate change concerns have led to increased efforts to develop more efficient systems. Integrated energy systems (cogeneration, multi-generation) is a proven technique for producing cooling, heating and electrical in a single process, increasing thermal efficiency to beyond 90%. This results in numerous operational, environmental, and economic benefits. It is suited for de-centralized or isolated facilities. Integrated energy systems (IES) significantly recovers otherwise wasted heat into electricity or useful thermal energy, helping to satisfy global energy needs while reducing environmental impacts and costs.

Implemented well, IESs deliver reliable and energy-efficient utilities to production factories and built environment occupiers.

At Cyclect, we understand our clients want to deploy their IESs with the most reliable and sustainable energy-saving technologies available. We design systems that utilize proven project methodology, rigorous design standards and thorough simulation and testing procedures. Our approach results in faster start-ups, greater system functionality, easier support and maintenance, and improved uptime and facility productivity.


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